About Us

In Brief

Vectura Express provides transportation and warehousing to the Hospital and High Value equipment industry. We offer dependable, flexible and competitive services throughout the South Western United States.
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With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Portland and Ontario, CA. We have the facilities, staff and resources to take care of the big projects with the attention to every detail. In total, we have nearly a million square feet of modern secure warehousing available right away

Who We Are

We have a superior staff of seasoned logistics professionals. Our Our Lubbock, TX Teamlogistics teams are sharp and detail oriented. Our Driving Teams all are very courteous and work hard for our clients. We take pride in our workforce and strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do. WE LOVE THIS BUSINESS! Vectura Express delivers transportation services with an awareness of the changing environmental climate. We believe that it is the responsibility of the transportation industry to lead a Green and Clean example. We at Vectura work hard to ensure that our vehicles exceed the federal mandates to help the continued growth of the industry.

Our Business

We are always available to address questions and offer excellent solutions to most transportation and moving needs. We work closely with interior designers, building architects and office staff to ensure a perfect installation. We build close relationships with our customers by fostering a professional bond that allows for faster and more efficient service. Vectura also offers competitive rates and flexible policies to help your business grow.

White Glove Delivery

So, what is White Glove? Answer: White Glove referrers to the Military and their attention to detail. During inspections, a White Glove was used to wipe surfaces, doors, anywhere dirt would hide. If the Glove was clean after inspection, it passed the White Glove challenge. If not, you did it again. We understand the true meaning of White Glove Deliveries. That is why after every delivery, we wipe down the products we delivery, we make sure all debris is removed and the room is spotless. We take the time to inspect every item we setup and deliver. While others claim to “Take White Glove to the next Level” We simply take it to the limit. If its done right the first time, there isn’t a next level, its just done right.
Product Installation

Our installation team will install Pictures, TVs, High Value Equipment, Medical Equipment and more. Our installation teams have the experience to do the job right. Take a look at our picture galleries to get an idea of the before and after of doing a great job.
Large or Small size jobs.

From large multi-floor hospital installations, to intimate settings, Large install Orange County, CA every Job is performed with the exact same standards as the job before it. Details is all that matters.
Vectura Express Inc.
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